Thursday, January 6, 2011


Thought I would share a few snipets of what Bailey's been up to lately.

This girl LOVES playing games! She has a whole stack of them now and we play most of them on a regular basis. She's only played Candy Land a few times, but seemed to really enjoy it. She loves her Twister game. She thinks it's the funniest thing ever when she falls. And when she does fall she'll laugh and say I got twisted! This game is also great because it helps reinforce her left and right, which she is doing really well at remembering.

Please don't be jealous of the green/red shirt, pink pants and yellow socks combo!

If she's not playing games, you can almost bet she's listening to music. Santa brought her, her very own CD player and some Disney princess CDs and Veggie Tales CDs. Every time we would get in the car, the first thing she would ask would be to listen to her Cinderella CD, so Santa did a good job with this gift. It amazes me how quickly she can memorize a song. Within listening to it a few times she knows the whole thing! And after her daddy showed her one time, she knows how to load and unload the CDs and how to hold them and what all the buttons on the CD player do. She looks so big when she just lays on the floor and sings along to her music.

Every year after Christmas, Nick and I go through all her toys and donate what isn't being played with to make room for all the new gifts she received. This year we decided to involve Bailey. We weren't sure how it would go, but I had a long talk with her the night before about how some mommys and daddys don't have a lot of money to buy toys for their kids, so they need people to donate toys so they can buy them for a lot less than going to the store. She soaked in all the information and was already telling me what we could get rid of. Still skeptical, we started sorting everything the next night, and she blew me away! We ended up letting her make the call on every single toy and she chose to give away 2 garbage bags full of toys!! She would look at each toy and you could tell she was really thinking about it. When she knew it was something she didn't want anymore she would say, I don't really play with that anymore mommy, why don't we give it to the other little kids. I had told her if she got sad while we were going through things that was normal, but after we were finished and I just kept telling her I proud I was, she said, And I didn't even get sad one time! Because I know I still have lots more toys. Really, I couldn't have been happier or more proud of her if I tried. Well, except for when she found certain things that she had really liked and asked if we could save them for her baby sister so she could play with them when she got bigger, that was pretty darn sweet too.


Danielle said...

Wes got Candy Land for us this year and Colin LOVES it. I remember loving games as a kid too.

As for the music, Colin refers to it as "his music" and asks "Can I listen to my music now?" when we're in the car. He loves his Veggie Tales cd the best. It's just some little freebie we got from Chik-fil-a so it only has 4 songs. He'd be content listening to it over and over. It is amazing how quickly they memorize the lyrics!

Brittany said...

Oh Big simply amaze some days! What a good job giving some of your toys away! And I hope you continue to love games and music!

Brooke said...

How sweet! She is getting so big :)