Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Prayers Needed

I ran across this blog a couple of weeks ago and have spent many hours reading up on Kayleigh and her worsening condition. As a parent, I can't imagine what Adam and Aimee are going through, and hope I never find myself in their position. Please take some time and go to their site and read about their story and pray for them. There is also a place to make donations if you are capable...this family has been forced to choose between paying their mortgage or their medical insurance and are facing foreclosure on their home...where they live with their 2 other children. I don't know this family, but can tell you the story of sweet Kayleigh has changed the way I look at many things in life.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

New clothes and potty update

Just wanted to share some pictures of Bailey from this past weekend. I finally took her shopping for Spring clothes. We went to Target and I got a TON of cute clothes!!! I could have bought almost one of everything!!! Here she is sporting one of my favorite outfits she got.

Not a real good shot of the shoes, but they are seriously the cutest things ever!!!

She loves running up and down the hill, aka, the front yard. We've been working on counting lately and while she was running she was saying "2, 3. 3, 2" over and over again...who needs number 1!! :)

Uncle Clay reading her a book.

Bailey stayed with my aunt and uncle and 2 cousins Saturday night while we went out to celebrate 3 different birthdays amongst our friends. She had a great time!! She loves Jacob and Anna and even got to bring home an old toy of Anna's.

Potty Update:

We've not been actively trying to potty train since Bailey is so young still, but we do at least sit on the potty every night before and after bath to see if she will go. The last two nights have been successful and she's gone before her bath and last night she went again after bath time. It's very hit and miss when she'll actually use the potty, but that's ok. I don't want to stress myself or her out about it just yet. I figure this summer we'll actually start trying.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend

What a beautiful Easter weekend we had!! This year I organized the first ever Easter egg hunt for my neighborhood. We had 5 families show up and there 6 kids and 2 infants there...Bailey was the only girl! I was really pleased with the turn out, considering it was only announced via Facebook and the e-Newsletter I've started doing which goes out to about 20 different email addresses. Bailey did really well. Once we showed her the first egg and told her to put it in her basket she was like an old pro! She would get so excited with each egg that she found :)
Some of the other kiddos.
And we found a real birds egg!
After hunting for eggs I did some much needed shopping for Spring clothes...I had a great coupon for NY & Company and a gift card. Bailey got some new sandals and I hope to go shopping for her new Spring clothes this weekend.
I've mentioned before that we are not currently going to church anywhere. I loved our old church but there's a reason I don't want to go there anymore...so we've been trying to figure out where to go now. I like small traditional churches. I like knowing everyone there and singing hymns. I've tried bigger churches and I just didn't feel at home there. We had planned on trying out Faith Baptist (although I think it's now a non-denomination church??) Sunday morning but they only have one service and it's at 11:00. Bailey is still taking 2 naps a day and the first starts at 10:30 usually. We had planned on trying to get her to take 1 nap that day so we could go...but she started having a major melt down at about 10:00. I think it's a mixture of teething and she has crazy allergies. So needless to say we didn't end up going. I hoping to try again Sunday and see how it goes!
She loved her Easter basket! Her favorite things were the snacks and the new crayons.
That afternoon we played outside, it was so nice! Bailey looks so big in these pictures that it seriously makes me want to cry! Time is going sooooo fast!!!

Leadership Trip

Thursday and Friday of last week I was gone on our trip with Scott County Leadership. We had a blast!! We started out Thursday by going to Keeneland. We were each given $10 to bet on...I placed 5 $2 bets and won nothing, oh well, at least it wasn't my money!! While there I ran into my old principal, Mr. Lair. Now that he's retired he works lots of different events. That day he was working the private boxes. He took us into one and gave us little umbrellas...the pictures a little dark, but it's Julie Karcher, me and Stacey Kiebach.
Just a random group picture...Melissa Mullins, Rhonda Morris (and her little baby girl in her belly!) Stacey and Julie. Me and Julie. After Keeneland we headed to Louisville. We stayed downtown at the Hyatt and had dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory. Here is my roomie Amy Ross (rockin' the 80's ponytail!) and me before we hit the town! We went down to 4th Street and ended up going to a drag show!!! It was hilarious. I feel like I've seen everything now! There were about 10 of us that ended up going out but by the end of the night it was down to 6. We didn't go to bed until 4 a.m.!!! I couldn't tell you the last time I had seen 4 o'clock, except for when I used to have to get up to feed Bailey. Then I had to get up at 7:15 and we had a full day of touring, had to drive home and then had to do dinner with the in-laws for Nick's b-day...I was exhausted...but it was worth it :)
Kitty Dougoud, me and Melissa. This was the crew that made it till 4! Me, Julie, Travis Hervey, Diane Fields, Amy and Andrew Harding. We had lunch on the Spirit of the Jefferson. These were some of the gorgeous homes we passed.

Doing a little Electric Slide on the boat...I was all danced out from the night before. Amy, Jerri Fendley and Julie.

We passed this building while walking downtown. We thought there had to be a reason why there were red penguins on the building, but apparently the owners just liked them, and at Christmas they put little wreaths around their necks (this is what we were told anyways!)

Our last stop was to Glass Works. It was amazing. I think this guy was making little glass hearts, not really sure though. I would like to go back here when I'm more awake and can really appreciate all the work.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It Won't Be Like This For Long

For the past couple of months Bailey has been nothing but a momma's girl. You have no idea how much I had longed for this, there was a point where she wanted no one but her daddy and it killed me. Now there are times that it makes things so hard! She wants me to do everything for her, no one else. When I leave she clings to my legs and cries "Momma!" One day last week Nick said she cried at the door after I left for about 5 minutes. It absolutely breaks my heart! And I get frustrated sometimes when I'm trying to make dinner/do laundry/whatever other type of chore and she just cries at my feet...however, I know that this is just a phase and there will come a day when she doesn't want me around all the time. I'm not sure how many of you are country music fans, but Darius Rucker has a new song called "It Won't be Like this for Long" and it makes me cry every time I hear. She is already growing up faster than I ever imagined possible, and I know I need to cherish these moments when all she wants is me, because that will change. Select and copy web page URL

Monday, April 6, 2009

Take the Pledge, Receive a Bag!

Click here to go to Earthbound Farm's website and take the pledge to live a more sustainable life and they will send you a free reusable shopping tote! The first 10,000 people that take the pledge each week of April will receive the tote. Only one allowed per household. I don't how many of you have begun using reusable shopping bags, but they're great! We bought some at Kroger and I love them! What used to take 12-14 plastic bags now easily fits into 3-4 reusable bags, which means fewer trips from the car into the house; and let's face it, it's the right thing to do! Stay tuned to my real estate blog, I'm working on a give-away for Earth Day and you could be the lucky winner of a set of reusable shopping bags!

Fun at the Park

Yesterday we headed up to the playground at Western Elementary to enjoy the beautiful day!
Bailey had such a good time and as we were leaving she was crying for the "swide" :)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring break with daddy

While I may not get Spring Break off, I have very much enjoyed this past week. It's so nice having Nick home during the day! I got to sleep in an extra 30 minutes every morning because I didn't have to get up to take Bailey to my mom's house and I got to come home straight after work instead of driving to pick her up. He has made dinner every night and he did the grocery shopping this week! I was finally able to have the carpets cleaned since someone was going to be home AND this morning he brought me a Starbuck's coffee to work :)
Bailey and him desperately needed this time together. She's very much a momma's girl anyways, but with his crazy soccer schedule lately she's barely gotten to see him and it's made it even worse. She would cry when I left her and she didn't want to go to him, but it's gotten better this week. I'm glad they've had this time to re-bond with one another. They've gone for walks almost every day and yesterday they went up to the soccer field and she ran around and kicked her soccer ball and rode her Princess car. Here are some pictures he took on his phone. He also got a really cute video of her running and kicking her ball, but for some reason we haven't been able to get it off his phone...
Today they were headed to a play date with another teacher that lives near us and Nick said the girls had a blast together!
This week has reminded me what a great daddy and husband Bailey and I are blessed with. I love you honey, thanks for everything!!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Farewell Oreo

We ended up having Oreo about 2 weeks before we found her owner. As I was driving Bailey to my mom's house on Friday morning I saw fliers posted on the Stop signs about a missing cat. I got out to look at one and there was no doubt that the cat in the picture was Oreo...well, Addie according to her owners. I called the number and left a message saying that I had the cat and to call and we would arrange a drop off. When the lady called back it ended up being the mom of a guy I graduated high school with and my husband now has her youngest daughter in class. Only in Georgetown does this happen :) Martha Jane came and picked Oreo (Addie) up and I have to admit, I was a little sad. Don't get me wrong, I'll be happy if I never have to change another litter box in my life...but she was a sweet kitty!

I'm not sure if Jackson is glad she's gone or if he misses having another animal to play with.

I had to have Larry take one last picture of us together before she left. Good-bye Oreo (Addie), thanks for being such a good kitty and Bailey misses you!