Thursday, July 31, 2008

Looking back

I've just found, and I love it!! There will be many more of these to come. These were some older pictures of Bailey that I love!

Proud Parent

Bailey has been doing so good lately with listening to me and Nick when we tell her "No". I took her over to my grandparents yesterday when I got off work and their house is definitely not baby proofed, and she kept trying to pull things off of the coffee table, but I made her look at me and I told her no, and she sat down and started playing with her toys! Now, of course she would try and go back to the table, but after saying no again she would stop! I couldn't believe it!! Usually after you say no to her she makes the saddest face and whimpers...I usually have to turn my head so she doesn't see me laughing, because it is so funny! Her new favorite game is trying to stick her finger in the phone jack in the living room. This went on for a good 10 minutes the other night. She would crawl over there, look at me and then try and stick her finger in it. I would tell her no, she would cry, wait a few seconds and then try again! She finally realized I was not giving in and decided to crawl over and play with her toys instead. I am so proud of how well she listens (most of the time!) and it makes me realize me and Nick are doing a pretty job!
This picture doesn't go with this...but I managed to snap a shot of her top two teeth last night while Nick was tickling her belly!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kisses for mommy and grilled cheese sandwiches!

Bailey was giving kisses today! It was the sweetest thing in the whole world! I was at home for lunch and I leaned down in front of her and she leaned in and gave me a big open mouthed baby kiss! It was all slobbery...the kind of kiss only a mom can appreciate :) I had to get like 5 more before I would leave to go back to work. She had been kissing herself in the mirror lately, but hadn't given anyone else kisses before...and I was the first! Which was nice, considering she still hasn't said mama...she says dada all day long and all kinds of other little words...but no mama. I do think we're getting closer. She jibber jabbers all day long now! For lunch I had a grilled cheese sandwich and shared some with Bailey, and she loved it! After every bite she was making the funny sound she does when she's excited. I let her try to actually bite off of the sandwich...that went ok. She would finally slobber it enough that she could break a little off into her mouth. Last night she ate corn and a few baked beans. She's finally getting a lot better at eating table food.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Get ready, set, go!

Tonight Bailey started walking her toy shopping cart around the living room!!! We've had the cart with her other toys in the living room for a while, but tonight is the first time she's been able to walk with it! I couldn't believe when she just took off. There was no fear there at all. I know this means we're just one step closer to walking. And I thought she was into things before! I know I've said it before, but it is so true...there is something new all the time! This is why it's hard for me to be away from her, I'm always afraid I'm going to miss something. I'm so glad me and Nick were both sitting there when she did this for the first time. I can't wait to tell my mom...she knows once summer is over and she starts keeping her again that she is going to busy!! Before she was always roaming mom's house in her walker, but now she's going to be more mobile if she can just push toys around to walk!

Always something new!

Today, Nick and Bailey took me out to lunch. We went Mancinos and Nick was feeding Bailey her lunch, and we had forgotten to pack her sippy cup, so he put my cup and straw up to her and she drank from the straw like she had always been doing it! Of course she made faces because the water was so cold, but she did great! And there's nothing like a little baby food left at the end of your straw! Oh, the joys of motherhood never end :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Doctor's Visit

I just got back from Bailey's check up...there were no shots this time, so this should have been an easy visit...the first bad sign was that we were going at nap time. She had woken up at about 1:00 from her afternoon nap and her appointment was at 4:00. Then when we got in there, the air conditioner was broken, so it was burning up!! They call us back and she gets problem...then we go to weigh her, and she freaked out! We tried letting her sit on the scale, then we tried laying her down...nothing worked. She was tired and hot and she couldn't figure out why mommy kept putting her down in front of this woman she didn't know! So the nurse had me pick her up so she could reset the scale and...she started peeing on me! I pulled her away and managed not to get too much on me. So we start again and it was not any better. She has me pick her up again to try and calm her down and she pees all over me AGAIN! And this time she got me good!! Once we finally got her weighed she was fine. While we were waiting for the doctor to come in she was giving herself kisses in the was so sweet! And before we had even made it home she had fallen asleep...and I only live about 5 minutes from the doctors :)
Since her 6 month check up she had grown almost 3 inches, she is now 29.5 inches tall; and she had gained 2 pounds and is now 19 lbs 13.8 ounces. She is very tall, she is in the 95% for her height! Dr. Riebel said she was a very healthy girl!

All I want for Christmas...

Bailey will not have to sing this song at Christmas, because her top two teeth are poking through! I knew they were getting close because of the way she had been acting lately, but I actually saw them last night!! It is the sweetest thing ever. It makes her look so big though...that kind of breaks my heart, but I guess that's all part of it. We go today for her 9 month check up. She's been a trooper with the shots every other time, so hopefully this one will go well too. I can't wait to see what she weighs now and how tall she is. We just got her new car seat last night because she had outgrown her baby one. It looks so big compared to her. She's such a big girl!! She was having fun playing in it and chewing on the buckles last night.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Getting so big!

Last night Bailey stood up all by herself! Nick was holding her hands and then let go and she stood by herself for at least 20 seconds! She would kind of wobble but maintain her balance...until she fell on her butt :) I can't believe how big she is getting. She got so excited after she did it that she couldn't do it again because she was trying to jump and clap her hands. We did manage to get it on video tape...which is rare in our house. Usually once you break out the camera she stops doing whatever it is that you were wanting to tape. Hopefully I can figure out how to upload the video on here!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bumps and bruises

So we seem to have entered the endless "boo-boo" stage! It seems every other day now Bailey has a new scratch or bump...she is just so active and trying to stand up all the time that we have a lot of falls. She handles it better than I do! I know kids are going to have bumps and bruises but I just worry about her all the time now! She is really getting better about taking steps while holding on to things now. She can move from different pieces of furniture all by herself now! It's amazing how fast it all goes.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

9 months old today

Bailey Grace is 9 months old today! It is amazing how fast it has all gone by. She is so active and into EVERYTHING now. She is crawling around and pulling herself up on anything she can reach, as you can see in the picture! I was doing dishes and I looked over and she was grinning and trying to get the dishes...let's hope she still wants to do dishes when she gets older!
We think that she is getting ready to have another tooth come through. She woke up screaming in the middle of the night last night (which she never does) and just wanted to chew on something. She has her bottom two teeth so we should be working on a top tooth now! Hopefully this will help her be able to eat some more solid food. She likes rice and mashed potatoes, cherrios and cherry puffs. It is so cute to watch her try and feed herself! Although we still have 3 more months, I have already been thinking about what I am going to do for her 1st birthday. I think we are going to do a cupcake theme party! I have found the cutest invitations that say "Oh what fun, our little cupcake is turning 1". We'll see, but as of right now that's what I'm planning on using.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Little About Me

I am a wife.
I am a mother.
I am a daughter.
I am a Realtor.
I am a blogger.
I am a twenty-something year old woman trying to find her place. Trying to find the balance between work and home. Trying to figure out how to raise two happy, smart, well-balanced and healthy little girls. Also trying to figure out how I can get someone else to come in and clean up the kitchen so I can bake more!