Friday, November 4, 2011

My Sweet Girl

My sweet Bailey, I just love her.

This is what Bailey's teacher told me when I picked her up yesterday. Apparently one of the little boys in her class had gotten hurt on the playground, and it really upset my sensitive girl. To help make him feel better she kissed him on each cheek, hugged him and gave him a leaf. Mrs. Lydia said Bailey was concerned about his well being the rest of the day.

Her daddy didn't think this was as sweet as I did. Something about his little girl kissing boys...for whatever reason, didn't go over as well. He calls on school days at lunch time to talk to Bailey and see what she learned at school that day. After he was told the story he told her not to kiss boys. Her response?

Please daddy, let me kiss...PLEEASE!

I couldn't help but bust out laughing. Oh my sweet little girl is kissing boys.

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Danielle said...

Such a tender heart! My little Colin loves to give hugs...especially to little girls. I guess hugs are a little more innocent than kisses though.