Friday, October 17, 2008

Birthday party

The first birthday is such a bittersweet occassion. Of course I was excited to be celebrating the birth of the sweetest little girl ever, but it is so hard to believe that a year has already passed! I had a lot of fun (and a little stress!) planning this birthday party. I did a cupcake theme.

I stayed up until midnight the night before and spent most of the morning of the party baking the cupcakes and Bailey's cake. I made homemade Devil's food chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting. They were pretty yummy if I do say so myself :)

Bailey of course received many great gifts! I am so thankful for the great family and friends we have! We actually got so many toys that they were starting to take over the living we've moved some into our office/game room and we're going to rotate them in and out, so it will kind of be like her getting new toys every other week.

This is a pony she got from aunt Heather, uncle Mike and Jacob and Anna.She loved her caterpillar that aunt Jenny and Elizabeth got her. It says the alphabet, makes the sounds of each of the letters, says colors and plays music. The rocking chair from aunt Brittany is also a favorite! She knew exactly how to make herself rock too! She has now mastered getting in and out of the chair herself.This is the kitchen that me and Nick got her. She loves it! Actually all of the kids at the party enjoyed playing with it.This is as much of the cake as she would eat...I think she was mostly overwhelmed by all of the people there. Or maybe she was still upset from having her hand smased in a cake just like this one a few days earlier during her pictures :)


Mama Smors said...

how fun!! i love the pics that she didn't want to touch the cake that her poor mommy made for her.

Brooke said...

The birthday party looks like it was a hit! Bailey looks so cute in her dress!!! How's life with a one year old :) ?

H. Griggs said...

Nicole, you did a GREAT job!! Everything looks so cute!