Friday, October 31, 2008


So, I realized this morning that I still hadn't added my new photos or the new video. I hope to have the video on this weekend, it is too cute! But here are some new pictures.
These are the cute slippers that Katy and Larry bought Bailey for her birthday. She has a little trouble walking in them, but they are so adorable!
These came with the princess car my mom and step dad got Bailey for her birthday. She loves playing with them!! She knows exactly where they go, and she loves for me and daddy to put the tiara on our heads. The funniest however, is when my grandfather wears it...he is bald :) And Bailey has started saying his name...I have always called him Boppy, and now she says Boppa, it completely melts his heart...and mine :)
I was in the middle of bringing the rest of the groceries in and saw that she had decided to help me unbag them!
Last weekend we took Bailey up to the park...well, actually we went to practice soccer fields, to play.
She was fascinated with this weed that had flowers on it. I couldn't resist the urge to pose her with her soccer ball. I know Nick was looking at this at hoping that she will be a soccer player. I just hope she takes after him with her athletic skills:)

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