Thursday, July 16, 2009

Better Late than Never

I have been so neglectful to my blog!! I've finally decided to take the time and add the pictures from the 4th of July. Yes, I realize it's now the 16th, but hey, better late than never!
We started the day by going to the parade downtown. Bailey enjoyed herself...well, she enjoyed eating all the candy they threw out anyways, and she really liked the horses at the end.

Here she is dancing to the song "America the Beautiful" that someone sang before they started the parade. When she finished singing Bailey was asking for "Moe dance!"

That evening, after I got back from showing houses, we had our friends over for a cookout. I had hoped to enjoy a good time in our back yard, but as we all know, the weather did not cooperate! Bailey spent much of the evening coloring, her absolute favorite thing to do now.

And Uncle Mike was nice enough to play with the Dora house with her :)

Then it was time to head to watch the fireworks. I was really worried about how Bailey would hold up. She is such a routine baby and bedtime is at 8:00. She was such a trooper! I think it was almost 10:00 before they started the fireworks and she did great (could have something to do with the little bit of funnell cake she had!).

She wasn't scared of the sparkler at all!

The girls!

Aunt Shana and Bailey.

Uncle Justin and Bailey.

Watching the fireworks. She LOVED them! She loved naming the colors as they would go off.

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Mama Smors said...

so much fun- if only it would have been warmer!! by the way love your july 4th shirt! SOOOO CUTE!!