Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sweet Corn Festival

This Saturday we headed out to Evan's Orchard to attend their Sweet Corn Festival. This is seriously one of my favorite places to go. I forget how much I love the wide open spaces until we go there. Of course we enjoyed a delicious lunch and I just had to have a fried apple pie...you can't go and not get one! After lunch we headed to the play area. They've really expanded it and Bailey had a blast. She usually hates swinging, but this time we could barely get her out of the swing!

Then it was time to slide down the Apple Cider Slider. The slide is huge. I was a little nervous about Bailey going down it all by herself but we tried it anyways. Poor thing, half way down the slide she would end up almost completely side ways. She would land in my arms with a terrified look on her face and then shout "Adin!" (translated again). I know she must of gone down 5 or 6 times, but alas, it was getting close to nap down and we had to go...that didn't go so well. The last time down daddy decided to join her.
She also enjoyed looking at the goats and the duck. They have a really large animal area now with a sloth, kangaroo and several other wacky animals...but most of them were gone this weekend. Bailey loved Gracie and Zoe (the farm dogs) and would get mad when they would leave our table to go try and score food from other families.
We also grabbed some corn on the cob while we were there and it was fantastic!!! Definitely the best corn I've had all year.


Colin's Mom said...

Looks like lots of fun! I'm sad I didn't know about this because I think Colin would have really liked going. Keep me posted on future events like this!

Mama Smors said...

Looks like so much fun!!! And yay to Bailey and the potty success! :) That is awesome!!!