Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just the Girls

Cloudy Saturday, daddy playing in a 3v3 soccer tournament, what were the Maxwell girls to do? Head to the Explorium!

We had only been once before, on Bailey's 2nd birthday, but I thought she would enjoy it more now that she was older and could play with more things. I also found on their website that they offer drop-in activities on Saturdays during the summer, and this particular day it was going to be thumbprint caterpillars. A little finger painting makes everything more fun! I was a little nervous about heading there by myself, but we loaded up and headed out and I hoped for the best.

We painted.

Had a puppet show.

Had some fun in the water.

Blew lots of bubbles.

Played a little drum.

And of course, played with some food.

Some of us napped.

And we all had a great time! Both of the girls were so good while we were there. Bailey's favorite things were the bubble room and the finger painting. She's already asking when we can go back. Peyton never made a peep. She hung out in the sling the whole time and even took a little nap. I'd call our trip a success!

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Jillian Brooke Donovan said...

Looks like a super fun time! Love the picture of you all in the mirror! :)