Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Oh what fun Halloween was this year!! I left work early on Friday so we could go trick-or-treating downtown. This was great! It's from 1-5 and most of the shops hand out candy. It's mainly younger kids, so you don't have to worry about your little on being knocked over by the big kids running to get their candy. We had quite a troop with was me, Nick, Bailey, my mom and step-dad, my grandparents and my nephew Quentin.

I love this picture!!

She loves suckers!!!I thought this was hilarious!! She couldn't fit in her carseat with the costume on so she rode in her tights and shirt. :)

That night we just handed out candy to the kids in our neighborhood.

She loved playing in the candy! This is what entertained her most of the night.I had to include these pictures to show off my monster mum!! Last fall I planted 3 yellow mums, forgot to water them most of the usual...and two died, and somehow this surrived and came back full of life this year! I've planted 3 more this year and they look so puny next to this one. Of course, now they're looking a little sad because I forget to water them most of the time too!

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