Friday, November 7, 2008

1 year check up

We finally had Bailey's 1 year check up yesterday (now that she'll be 13 months in 2 days!). This visit went much better than the 9 month check up did! She is now 30 1/2 inches tall (90%) and she weighs 22 lbs (70%). Maybe she will be lucky and be tall and slim...unlike either of her parents!! I talked to the doctor about the bottle situation. We have been down to just the nighttime bottle since her 1st birthday, and I knew she would break from this bottle easily, my main concern was her milk intake. She does not like to drink milk from her sippy cup at all! The doctor said usually the will go on "strike" for a couple of days from milk but will eventually drink it from a sippy cup. So we did not have a bottle last night before bed, and all was fine! We've actually done this a couple of times before too, but we started for good last night. I am a little sad at the thought of no more bottles. She would usually cuddle up with me when she would take that nighttime bottle...sniffle, sniffle :( But I am kind of excited at the thought of not cleaning anymore bottles :) She did very well with the shots and only cried for maybe a minute afterwards. She didn't even flinch when they did the finger prick...which I think is awful!! She was a quite whiny this morning, so I think it will be a long day for my mom today. We have to go back next month to get the last half of the flu shot. The doctor said that she was speaking very well for age. Once again we were told we have a very healthy, well-adjusted little girl. What more could a mommy ask for? :) Updates: Favorite Foods: She eats everything! Her favs are peas, hamburger, any kind of soup, all of her Gerber snacks and biscuits and gravy. Favorite Cartoons: Barney and Seasame Street New words she's saying: Dog, sock, shoe, kiss, Boppa (her great-grandfather), dink (drink) She LOVES dancing! She is so funny to watch. She does this head bob's hilarious! It can even just be a commercial that comes on TV that has music on it and she'll start dancing:) We have a Little People's sing along CD we listen to in the car, and she enjoys it so much! You can ask her where her belly button is and she'll raise up her shirt and point to it! She also knows where her socks and shoes go. The walking is going much better. She can actually do it very well, but once she stumbles she is perfectly content to crawl after that. We've recently started letting her sleep with her Mr. Froggy Pants (a stuffed animal frog). This morning when I went in to get her she had her blanket all wedged under her belly (it's always like this!) and she was all snuggled up with her frog. It was so sweet!!

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She's getting so big!