Sunday, March 15, 2009

Oreo & Fish Faces...and weekly menu

One would think that a baby, a husband and a dog would be enough for any woman to want to take care of, but apparently not for me. Friday I got to my mom's house to pick up Bailey for story time and there was this cat inside my mom's garage. She was so cute! I felt bad as I was driving away, worrying about where its owners were (you could tell it was a pet) and hoping it didn't end up getting hit. During story time my mind kept drifting towards the cat...part of me hoped the cat was gone when I got back to drop Bailey off, but then another part was hoping the cat was still there, so I knew that it was ok. Well, sure enough, the cat had never left. As I was leaving (and my mom was trying to get the cat to leave) I couldn't bare the thought of something happening to her. Now, let me say, I am not a cat person. I am a dog lover through and through. But for some reason I found myself sitting in my car with the cat on my lap! I drove home before going back to work to drop the cat off in my garage. I have never owned a cat (and never intended to), but I tell you, I'm quickly becoming attached to Oreo...oh yeah, I forgot to mention I've already named her :) We are still looking for a new home, and also hoping someone will come around my mom's neighborhood looking for her. I was worried about how Jackson (my dog) would do with the cat. So the first night we let Oreo sleep in the laundry room. Yesterday I decided to bring her in and see how they did together...she ends up chasing the dog! Guess I don't have much of a watch dog :) She has to be the laziest animal I've ever seen!!! She has slept all day today! She loves to snuggle and be rubbed on and Bailey just adores her. She squeals every time she sees her and says "Kitty", which sounds like "Key". We have friends who are getting married in 2 weeks, and they have said they may want her once they get back from their honeymoon. So we'll see what happens, but for now, she's our newest family member. Welcome Oreo! This weekend we broke out a Christmas gift that Bailey had gotten that she had been too small to play with at the time, a Sit 'n Spin. Bailey still doesn't quite get how to turn herself, but she enjoyed being spun around!
Can you tell it's time for a hair cut? Yikes!
Bailey has always enjoyed it when I make the fish face, but she's just recently started trying to imitate me. It is hilarious!! This video doesn't quite do it justice, so I think I'm going to try and get her again.

Weekly Menu

Saturday - Out to eat, Mexican (what else?!)

Sunday - Fried, boneless pork chops, baked mac 'n cheese, green beans, cheddar bay biscuits

Now I know this may not be the healthiest meal, but sometimes you just need a good, stick to your ribs meal! At least that's what I tell myself! :)

Monday - Chicken 'n Dumplins & cornbread

Which, I went ahead and made tonight while the biscuits were baking, so tomorrow night all I have to do is heat it up and make the cornbread (from the box!)

Tuesday - Grilled hamburgers, baked beans and potato wedges This will be the first time I've made potato wedges at home, hopefully they turn out good!

Wednesday - Baked spaghetti, salad & garlic bread

Thursday - Chicken Cordon Bleu sandwiches, salad & baked potatoes

Friday - Out to eat

And yes, probably Mexican!

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Colin's Mom said...

I'm not a cat fan either but Oreo is really cute! I tagged you on my blog for an award. And as I was just reading your post I totally got my info wrong about you. I thought you were a stay-at-home mom for some reason. Sorry!