Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekly Menu

I never managed to get this up on here this weekend, but here goes... Now that soccer season is in full swing, that means that the cooking is pretty much solely my job during the week now. Usually me and Nick take turns cooking dinner, depending on what we're having that week, which really helps since we both work all day. But with practices and games, it's up to mommy, so I'm trying to get creative with finding ways to still have good meals, but without demanding recipes that take too much time. Sunday - Lasagna, salad, garlic cheese bread Monday - Chicken Scampi. This is a new recipe I'm trying from the same cookbook the Cheddar biscuits came from. I made the scampi sauce last night since that's the lengthiest part of the recipe. Tonight all I'll have to do is cook the Angel Hair pasta and saute the chicken tenderloins and add the sauce! Tuesday - Buffalo Chicken Pizza. This is a fast fix with the help of Pillsbury ready made pizza crust. Just roll out, add some hot sauce and sauteed chicken and cheese and whatever other ingredients you like and bake! Wednesday - Beef tacos & rice Thursday - Grilled chicken and fingerling potatoes with a roasted garlic and oregano vinaigrette. This is one of Nick's specialties. I could eat this vinaigrette almost everyday!! I'll have to get the recipe from him so I can share with everyone. It's a Bobby Flay recipe, but he has made some changes to it. Friday - Out to eat at Camino Grande (yummy Mexican!) Saturday - Beer can chicken Yes, we're trying it again! Nick says he has it all worked out so there will be no fire extinguisher needed this time :)


Ashley said...

I am so impresssed with your weekly menus. I would post mine but they don't sound as cool! (And you can buy most of them from a box!)

outdoorgriller said...

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