Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring break with daddy

While I may not get Spring Break off, I have very much enjoyed this past week. It's so nice having Nick home during the day! I got to sleep in an extra 30 minutes every morning because I didn't have to get up to take Bailey to my mom's house and I got to come home straight after work instead of driving to pick her up. He has made dinner every night and he did the grocery shopping this week! I was finally able to have the carpets cleaned since someone was going to be home AND this morning he brought me a Starbuck's coffee to work :)
Bailey and him desperately needed this time together. She's very much a momma's girl anyways, but with his crazy soccer schedule lately she's barely gotten to see him and it's made it even worse. She would cry when I left her and she didn't want to go to him, but it's gotten better this week. I'm glad they've had this time to re-bond with one another. They've gone for walks almost every day and yesterday they went up to the soccer field and she ran around and kicked her soccer ball and rode her Princess car. Here are some pictures he took on his phone. He also got a really cute video of her running and kicking her ball, but for some reason we haven't been able to get it off his phone...
Today they were headed to a play date with another teacher that lives near us and Nick said the girls had a blast together!
This week has reminded me what a great daddy and husband Bailey and I are blessed with. I love you honey, thanks for everything!!!!

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Brooke said...

How fun :) It looks they had a great time!