Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It Won't Be Like This For Long

For the past couple of months Bailey has been nothing but a momma's girl. You have no idea how much I had longed for this, there was a point where she wanted no one but her daddy and it killed me. Now there are times that it makes things so hard! She wants me to do everything for her, no one else. When I leave she clings to my legs and cries "Momma!" One day last week Nick said she cried at the door after I left for about 5 minutes. It absolutely breaks my heart! And I get frustrated sometimes when I'm trying to make dinner/do laundry/whatever other type of chore and she just cries at my feet...however, I know that this is just a phase and there will come a day when she doesn't want me around all the time. I'm not sure how many of you are country music fans, but Darius Rucker has a new song called "It Won't be Like this for Long" and it makes me cry every time I hear. She is already growing up faster than I ever imagined possible, and I know I need to cherish these moments when all she wants is me, because that will change. Select and copy web page URL


Colin's Mom said...

Ah yes, we're at the hanging on to Mommy stage too. Colin has always been a little of a momma's boy but I guess that's to be expected with a little boy. I agree, I try to remind myself that this stage won't last forever and someday he won't even want me to touch him, but that's really hard to focus on at the time! Thanks for the reminder though, I need all I can get. Time does fly!

Ashley said...

I think that all the time- when we can't go to church because he won't stay without me in the nursery! But I keep reminding myself that there will be a time when he won't care as much about staying with me.

Shana said...

Although her 'cling to mommy' days may not last forever, I'm pretty sure that your all's relationship throughout the years will only grow into a more adult clinging- asking opinions on clothes, on hair, on makeup and eventually (eek!) about boys. And as I've been told, it doesn't get any easier when they're 30, lol.