Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Leadership Trip

Thursday and Friday of last week I was gone on our trip with Scott County Leadership. We had a blast!! We started out Thursday by going to Keeneland. We were each given $10 to bet on...I placed 5 $2 bets and won nothing, oh well, at least it wasn't my money!! While there I ran into my old principal, Mr. Lair. Now that he's retired he works lots of different events. That day he was working the private boxes. He took us into one and gave us little umbrellas...the pictures a little dark, but it's Julie Karcher, me and Stacey Kiebach.
Just a random group picture...Melissa Mullins, Rhonda Morris (and her little baby girl in her belly!) Stacey and Julie. Me and Julie. After Keeneland we headed to Louisville. We stayed downtown at the Hyatt and had dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory. Here is my roomie Amy Ross (rockin' the 80's ponytail!) and me before we hit the town! We went down to 4th Street and ended up going to a drag show!!! It was hilarious. I feel like I've seen everything now! There were about 10 of us that ended up going out but by the end of the night it was down to 6. We didn't go to bed until 4 a.m.!!! I couldn't tell you the last time I had seen 4 o'clock, except for when I used to have to get up to feed Bailey. Then I had to get up at 7:15 and we had a full day of touring, had to drive home and then had to do dinner with the in-laws for Nick's b-day...I was exhausted...but it was worth it :)
Kitty Dougoud, me and Melissa. This was the crew that made it till 4! Me, Julie, Travis Hervey, Diane Fields, Amy and Andrew Harding. We had lunch on the Spirit of the Jefferson. These were some of the gorgeous homes we passed.

Doing a little Electric Slide on the boat...I was all danced out from the night before. Amy, Jerri Fendley and Julie.

We passed this building while walking downtown. We thought there had to be a reason why there were red penguins on the building, but apparently the owners just liked them, and at Christmas they put little wreaths around their necks (this is what we were told anyways!)

Our last stop was to Glass Works. It was amazing. I think this guy was making little glass hearts, not really sure though. I would like to go back here when I'm more awake and can really appreciate all the work.

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