Friday, May 1, 2009

A Busy Weekend

Well this post is LONG overdue! I started uploading photos on Monday, but just haven't had the time to sit down and finish!! Last weekend was great! It started Friday night with the Chamber of Commerce banquet. We had our Scott County Leadership graduation during the banquet and Nick came with me. The food was very disappointing, but the company was good. After the banquet was over (which was at the Embassy Suites in Lexington) we went to the bar to have a drink with a few people from the high school and few from our leadership group. Mrs. Lyons, who is now a counselor, was my geometry teacher, and Mr. Southworth, who was my principal all through high school joined us...kind of weird having a drink with them!
Melissa, Julie, Diane, me and Amy.
And I had to have a pic of me and Nick, it's not often we get dressed up anymore. And I bought great new shoes, it's a shame you can't see them in the picture!
Nick had a soccer game Saturday morning and then something at school until 4 that afternoon, so me and Bailey and Brittany and Shana decided to go have a picnic at the park and feed the ducks. As soon as Bailey saw the ducks she got so excited. She was squealing and laughing and yelling "Ducks!". It was so precious.
I love this picture. She was eating her first big girl sandwich ever (peanut butter sandwich shaped like a teddy bear) and just watching the ducks. She looks so big here!!
After we finished lunch and fed the ducks we went over to the playground to play.
This picture cracks me up :) Silly girl.
Bailey and aunt Shana playing. Be careful what you start...
Bailey asking for "Moe" or more, if you don't speak toddler.
Sunday Nick had a soccer game in Louisville, so me and Bailey tagged along so we could all see Brooke and Clay. Clay went to the game with Nick, and me, Bailey and Brooke went to the indoor pool they have at their complex. This was the first time Bailey has been in a big pool. Mainly because I haven't had any desire to get in a bathing suit. But I knew she would love it and I've been dying to take her, so I found one that actually hid most everything it needed to and off we went. She had a blast!
She was getting a little angry that she had to be carried the whole time. They didn't have a kiddy pool, and she didn't want anything to do with the float...well, at least not while she was in the pool. She cried when we had to get out of the pool and kept saying "Wimmin'" (which sounds like women, but of course means swimming :) ) And then it was nap time. I laid down with her until she fell asleep...or at least that was plan, I ended up napping with her!! It was nice though. When I woke up I had to take a picture of my sweet sleeping baby.
After her nap she was ready to go back to the pool...
What a great weekend, think this one's going to be fun too!


Mama Smors said...

love her big smile with the pool float!! looks like you all had a good time :)

Brooke said...

What a fun time! She's getting so big :)

Terri T said...

You all looked so nice and grown up :( sad because it's making me realize how old I am as well...Bailey looks like she has an AMAZING time!!!