Monday, September 28, 2009

Big Girl Bed

Yesterday we finally made the transition into Bailey's "big girl" bed. We took the front of her crib off so it now resembles a day bed. I wish I had had a video camera when Nick pulled the front railing off and she saw the bed for the first time...her eyes got really big and wide and her mouth dropped open. She looked at me, as if asking if it was ok to go get in it, and when she got my approval she went and climbed in it and had the biggest grin on her face. In fact, she really didn't want to get out of it!! Nap time was our first trial run to see how she would do. We laid pillows down next to it in case she were to roll out of bed. She did great! Took as long a nap as normal, and when I went into her room after she woke up, she was still in her bed.

Then came bed time. She crawled right in and snuggled up to her blankie and told us good night and sweet dreams. Nick checked on her before we went to bed and she was all curled up in a little ball in the middle of the bed.

Then at some point last night she started crying. I could tell it was either the, something scared me or something's wrong, cry. I turned on the hall light and barely opened the door to peek in. She wasn't in her bed, she wasn't on the floor. At this moment I kind of started to panic. I could hear her crying but I couldn't see her. "Bailey, where are you?" And then I saw her...crawling out from underneath the bed!!! I couldn't help but just laugh out loud! I asked her why she was sleeping under her bed and she just said "I dunno." She had even taken her blankie under there with her. I held her for a minute and asked if she wanted to be rocked and she said "No. Back to bed." So she crawled back into bed and I covered her up and told her good night for the second time last evening. I laughed all the way back to bed and had to wake Nick up to tell him what happened.

This morning when I went in she was sleeping on the floor in front of her closet. This could be an interesting week getting used to the big girl bed. I just love that silly girl!!!

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Colin's Mom said...

HILARIOUS! I hope it's not far off the ground!