Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chatty Cathy

Yes my friends, we have ourselves a little Chatty Cathy Bailey! I swear that little girl never stops talking. Here are just some of the things that could be overheard in our house last night.

Bailey: Mommy, are you ready?

Me: Sure, Bailey. Are you ready?

Bailey: I'm ready!

Me: What are we ready for?

Bailey: I dunno.

Bailey: Mommy.

Me: What?

Bailey: Mommy.

Me: What, dear?

Bailey: Mommy.

Me: Bailey.

Bailey: Mommy.

Me: What can I do for you Bailey.

Bailey: Hi mommy!

Random phrases from Bailey last night:

Watch it, watch it, watch it mommy! Watch it spin around! (Talking about the microwave)

I see mommy's name tag. SpongeBob has name tag too.

Bailey Grace too big. (Her response when I asked her to pick something up)

Uh-oh mommy. Baby fall down. I help her!

Bailey Grace messy. Mommy clean you up.

I remember the day when I couldn't wait for her to say her first word, and now...

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Colin's Mom said...

Ha! I've been meaning to make a similar post but haven't taken the time to write down what he says. I'm too busy laughing, I suppose. I, too, couldn't wait until he could talk and like you said, now...