Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mother of the Year

What, you haven't heard? Yes, I will be excepting this year's mother of the year award any day now. I mean, really, I am most deserving of this title. Why, you ask? I could list several reasons, but we'll go with the most recent. 

Remember this post? Well, apparently I didn't learn my lesson. Only this time, I don't have the excuse of: Bailey was driving me crazy and I couldn't wait to put her to bed! Nope, last night Bailey was about as good as gold. She hasn't been feeling well, thanks to crazy Kentucky weather and her already bad allergies, so we spent the evening cuddling in my bed and watching a movie. We went to brush her teeth and use the bathroom before bed. Then we picked out a book, got her all cozy in bed and I read to her. Lots of hugs and kisses later, I was off to tackle the disaster that was our bedroom and bathroom.

Wait, you think I missed a step? Oh yeah, PUT A PULL-UP ON!!! Really, how does one forget this crucial step...twice?! Except, at least last time she alerted me to the fact shortly after. This time? Not at all. I went into her room this morning and she just said, "Mommy, I've gots pee all over me."  I still didn't think anything about it right away. There are still some times where she'll pee out of her pull-up. So as I'm taking her pj pants off, I see the culprit...the Dora panties. Actually, the culprit was the nitwit mother who forgot to take the panties off and replace them with the pull-up.

So yes, I'm expecting my award any day now.

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Colin's Mom said...

You know some days it's a wonder I remember to change my own underwear! Don't feel bad. I just hate that you had to strip the bed!