Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mommy Brain

My last post dealt with motherhood. As Danielle pointed out in a comment, there is also Mommy Brain, which no one warns you about. Well, I had a major case of Mommy Brain last night!

When I picked Bailey up she was in the middle of a melt down, which usually means it's going to be a long night. She was crying because she wanted to see Q, my nephew. I finally got her calmed down in the car looking at pumpkins and the cows we see driving down the by-pass.

Then we got home (Nick was in class last night) and things started out ok. We read a couple of books, played with the kitchen and then came melt down #2. She wanted to take a bath. But we couldn't take a bath because I had to make dinner. There was a lot of crying and "But I want to take a baf"s and then I finally managed to get her settled down again.

But she wasn't done. Next came the cookie fiasco. My daughter decided she wanted cookies for dinner. Being the mean mom I am, I said no. This resulted in a good ten minute, sobbing, snot flying, feet stomping fit. I ignored it and started making dinner. Once she realized I wasn't giving in the tears dried up. But she had more for me! When it was time to actually eat she threw another fit because she didn't want to eat dinner.

After we finally ate, the rest of the night went a little smoother. By the time 8:00 rolled around I was practically skipping to her room to lay her down for bed. We brushed our teeth read a book and as I closed the door behind me I couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief. I headed toward the kitchen to finish cleaning up and I heard this through the monitor, "I pee in my pull up". I stopped, frozen in my tracks in the middle of the kitchen. Holy crap. I ran to her room and flipped on the light. "Mommy, I pee in my pull up, you gonna change me now?" I had forgotten to change her from her panties into her pull up!!!! There she was soaked in pee and I felt like the worst mother ever. I got her up and cleaned her off and changed her jammies and kept apologizing to her. "I'm so sorry baby, mommy forgot." And she simply replied, "It's ok mommy."

Now she needed clean sheets. The problem, we never bought another set of sheets for her bed! "We don't need another set. I always have them dried and back on her bed the same day I take them off."  is what I always told myself. Well that wasn't going to work this time. Upon looking through closets and drawers, on shelves and anywhere else I could think of, I discovered that we don't have any extra sheets in our house. Really? How is that even possible!! So I had to take a fleece throw blanket and tuck it around her mattress. And that's how she slept last night. Well, at least for a while, the blanket was on the floor this morning and she was sleeping on the bare mattress.

What a night!!


Colin's Mom said...

Hilarious! First of all I feel sorry for you for the rough night but I'm so proud that you stood your ground countless times! And the sheets - had to laugh out loud because we only have 2 and one is for school! Colin peed last night and we couldn't put him to bed tonight until the sheet finished drying. Just think of the money we saved - a whopping $10!

Dana Grandma said...

Great story Nicole, and I too am proud of you for standing you ground with everything. It is easy to give in when you are hit with several waves of it. The sheet thing was so funny, and don't beat yourself up over forgetting one thing. Plus it is awesome that you said to her I am sorry. So many parents will not say it even when we are wrong. Go job!