Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fun in the Sun

With our recent warm weather, we've been trying to make the most of every bit of sunshine! Last weekend we ventured out to the park to let Bailey run around and play. I also had my wisdom teeth taken out last weekend. I'm not sure if I just had the best doctor ever, or if I was just really lucky, but I didn't have any problems at all! I had them removed Friday afternoon and negotiated a contract for a client that evening (with help from my great husband!) and we were at the park on Saturday playing! During my first round of Percocets, I guess I felt like I needed a picture to show how little swelling there was. The slight puffiness you see is just from the gauze. This was about 6 hours after the procedure.

Now, onto the park...I have to admit, I'm a bit of a Nervous Nellie. I get nervous when Bailey goes up to the big blue slide all by herself now. I get nervous when she's walking around the platform, you know there are open spaces. I see other moms sitting on  the bench talking to a friend and casually glancing to make sure their children are okay, and I sort of envy them. Now, most of these mothers have more than one child, so maybe by the second I won't be so nervous over every little step she takes?! Anyone out there with multiple children, feel free to assure me this will happen!

While we were there this little guy came over to us.

I've mentioned before, I'm NOT a cat person, but I'm an animal lover none the less, so I always worry when I see a stray animal. The more this little guy was around, we realized he had an open wound on his back leg, so I ended up calling our local animal shelter and someone came out and got him. Hope you're feeling better and have a new home kitty!

Back to that whole Nervous Nellie thing...this is Bailey's newest feat that has me using every bit of self control I have not to keep my hands right behind her.

After about 40 trips down the slide, Bailey finally wanted to go swing. She used to love swinging, but has been so fascinated with the slides the last few times that she's completely ignored them. This time we made our way over to them, and I think she had forgotten how much she enjoyed it! I just love to hear a child laughing, best medicine in the world.

In case you weren't sure, your princess purse is a must when traveling to the park.

Along with some stylin' shades.

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Terri T said...

LOVED hearing her laughing!