Thursday, April 22, 2010

Where's the Manual?

You know, the manual that should come with your child? Why isn't there one of those? A book that answers all the big questions and helps with the big decisions.

I wrote not long ago about how we went and toured a preschool. We loved it, Bailey loved, we thought everything was great. The director even agreed that Bailey would be well suited in the three year old class, even though she misses the cut off by 8 days. Well, as we read through the handbook we saw that it says to enter kindergarten, each child must be 5 by October 1st, NO EXCEPTIONS. Humph...what would happen if they made an exception for Bailey this year but wouldn't when it came time for kindergarten?

After talking to the director today, she informed me that, yes, they could make an exception for her this year, but that would mean that she would need to repeat the three year old class again next year to "get back on track". If that's the case, why would we put her in there at all this year?

So now the question is, does she need  three years of preschool? We're just not really sure what to do. I know she wants to be around kids her own age so bad, but do we want to add another year of "school" to her? Are we making her grow up too fast? And next year my nephew will be in a preschool program three days a week, which takes away a good portion of the little bit of kid interaction she gets.

Any words of wisdom for this confused mother?


Colin's Mom said...

Oh that's frustrating. Is there anything like a Mom's Day Out where she could go like 1 day a week more for socialization than schooling? Or do you have anything like Gymboree where she could take a weekly class to interact with other kids? Do all schools have the same October 1st cutoff?

And if you ever find that manual, be sure to let me know!

Mama Smors said...

I'm sorry you are frustrated. The cut off is Oct. 1st and they can't make any exceptions for the sake of teachers. Other states have even earlier cut offs (Indiana is July 1st). I PROMISE you will be so glad that Bailey is older!!! I know it is hard to see that now, but I really PROMISE! Ivy and Baby Tula will not be going to school until late because their bdays are so close to the cut off. For next year I would look for something that is 2 or 3 days a week. She would get to be with kids but not so official with schools. Then after that she can do the 3 year olds class so that she isn't repeating the same thing two years in a row. Repeating might make her feel "bored" at the early age of 3! Good luck in finding something to suit your needs.

Brooke said...

Well, we are waiting until 4 for sure after much debate and stress! I am going to try to get her involved in every little structured activity that I can until then so that she gets that social interaction with other kids. I agree with Sarah that if you did to another year that a day or two a week would be great!

Ashley said...

As a mommy I see how frustrating that is. As a teacher, Sarah is right, you will be glad she is older in school. I think I am going to put Brayden in when he is four, and until then keep getting together with friends and their kiddos.