Tuesday, April 13, 2010



The word still feels foreign on my tongue. I'm trying to get used to saying it, but it feels so...so...strange. How can my baby be ready for preschool?! Even though I'm not quite ready to let go, we went and toured a preschool this morning for this coming fall. While I must admit that I'm a little biased, Bailey is a very intelligent child. She loves learning and I want her to be pushed to excel. She also craves interaction with other children. She spends time with my nephew a few days a week, but that's the only real playtime she has with anyone her own age. We'll go to the park and she'll say two words to a little girl, and for the next week that's her best friend. She'll be talking about someone at home and I'll ask her who she's talking about and she'll say, "That girl in the blue shirt from the park mommy. She's my best friend." It absolutely breaks my heart. She's a social butterfly and needs to spread her wings.

Today went really well. We were able to sit through their chapel time and Bailey tried to sing along with the new song they learned and she prayed with them. Then we got to go into one of the 3 year old classes and she joined right in with their circle time and participated with what they were doing. I was so proud of her.

My favorite moment today was when the director came and met with us when we first arrived. She walked over and shook Nick's hand and then mine. Bailey stuck her hand right out to the lady like she knew exactly what she was doing. The lady asked her what her name was and she replied, "Cinderella." That's my princess!

There's some question as to which class she will be in. The cutoff to be in the 3 year old class is October 1st, and she will be 3 on October 9th. The lady said she felt comfortable with Bailey attending the 3 year old class because she did really well today. I'm not sure how that will work once she hits kindergarten though, if they'll continue the exception or not. I understand there has to be a cutoff point, but 8 days is so close, and I really think she would be better off with the 3 year olds. That's something we've got to figure out, but we're definitely enrolling her in the school. I guess this begins yet another chapter in our lives!


Colin's Mom said...

Oh what a memorable day and you're right, how did they get to be this old already?! Preschool always seemed like it was so far off and now it's right around the corner. Someone just asked me this morning if Colin was in preschool or anything and I said no as if he wouldn't be there for 3 years!

Oh and I love the Cinderella bit! Too cute. I'm glad you found a place you liked.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm glad you had such a good day! Coming from my experience, being a twin and being older in my grade, my parents decided to put us into preK so we weren't the youngest in the class. You know what's best for your child though!

Brooke said...

How fun! I'm glad your visit went well. Have you all decided for sure on which preschool she will go to? We have went back and forth about this issue and have finally decided to wait until 4 to send her. It is so hard to let go!!!