Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Beach, Baby! Part 3 - Food & More

I think most people would agree that food is an important part of any vacation. Or at least, people I care to be around would! One of my favorite things about staying on the 30A in Florida is that there are no chain restaurants. The last thing I wanted was to drive all the to Florida just to go to a restaurant that I could go to any day of the week.

I would have to say my favorite spots were both owned by the same company. I mentioned Bud & Alley's taco bar in my first Beach post. Wonderful tacos and some of the best salsa and queso dip I've ever had! Our last day there we hit up their Pizza Bar for lunch. Ah-mazing! We sat outside and it was the cutest area. It had the feel of a very cool covered back porch. And the pizza was so good! Nick and I had a cheese pizza with the addition of fresh basil. It was the crispiest crust and the basil was so good!

At the Pizza Bar.

The best dessert I had all week (actually twice!) was from a little place called Heavenly Shortcakes. Both times I had their tiramisu gellato and it was heavenly, just as the name implies!

We cooked at home several nights, and on Thursday had our feast! The boys grilled up some juicy steaks and corn on the cob, we had crab legs, baked potatoes and bread. We were all stuffed afterwards because everything was so good!

All the food wasn't great though. Our last night there we went to a place called Pompano Joe's in Destin. The food was awful and our server was even worse! The only good thing is it was right on the beach and we were able to snap a couple of pictures before dinner, even though Bailey was in a grumpy mood.

One night Brittany and Mike were nice enough to babysit so Nick and I could go out by ourselves.

Bailey and Brittany watching Cinderella while mommy and daddy were out.

Before leaving for our date.

We ended up going to a place called Destin Chops. The food was decent. I would compare it to a Malone's, but not quite as good. Nick and I each had steak, we had a lobster tail for appetizer, I had a glass of wine and he had a Manhattan, and after tip our bill was $165. If the food had been great, I wouldn't have minded the cost, but it was definitely not worth the price tag!

Oh, I almost forgot! On our way out of Florida, we stopped in Aly's Beach and grabbed some doughnuts from Charlie's Donut Truck!

I thought this was the cutest thing ever!! The doughnuts were good, not the best I've ever had, but still good.

And here are some other random shots of our first family vacation!

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Danielle said...

I agree, the food is one of the most important parts! We had some hits and misses while we were there too. Somehow we didn't hit up any of the spots you did, except for the donut truck. I agree that they weren't the best but the concept was fun. We also hit up the cupcake trailer down in WaterColor. I had heard a ton about Bud & Alley's but a few people mentioned it wasn't worth the hype so we skipped it. Our favorite place was a pizza place called The Pickle Factory. We still talk about it today and wish we could have one! I'm glad everything turned out so well, except for the unwanted critters you discovered. I would have died with the snake sighting!!