Friday, July 9, 2010

Water Baby

I've loved water for as long as I can remember. I can remember going off the high dive the first time and the fun I used to have going to our public swimming pool when I was younger. Then when I was in middle school my parents became members at a local country club. Although really, country club eludes to the idea that it was a fancy was not. But I didn't care. I can remember in middle school, I basically lived at the pool. I stayed at a friend's house during the day and we had a great lady (who now teaches with my husband!) that would take us to the pool every day. We'd get there after lunch, stay until about 4 or so, then when my friend's mom would get home she would take us back to the pool where my mom would meet us. Seriously, this was the life. We had so much wasn't bad watching the cute boys golf either :)

When the country club closed their pool I was devastated! My parents ending up building a pool at our house, but it wasn't long before they ended up selling that home to build another. This pretty much ended my regular swimming. This past weekend Bailey and I joined my mom at our new Aquatic Center here in town. It officially opened last summer, but it was really late in the year and we never went, so this was my first time. I had such a good time! Now, there really isn't a "pool"...I know, weird, right? It's definitely kid oriented, and Bailey loves it! There's a huge play area in the center with fountains and there's a spray pad, huge slide and a lazy river. Bailey and I went with my mom Sunday and then Nick joined us on Monday. We all had such a good time and were worn out when we went home! I didn't manage to get many pictures, but I did snap this one,

This is what I found after I went to check on her after napping for almost 3 hours!

which I thought was precious! I'm very sad that I won't be able to go back this weekend...silly work! But I have a feeling Bailey and I have found a new summer hang out and I hope that she will continue to love the water as much as I once did...and still do!


Danielle said...

The pool/water is a good way to ensure a good nap for us too! I have a similar sleeping beauty picture from a couple of days ago that I plan to write about soon.

Charlotte said...

so sweet!!! love the pictures! i love that the water wears them out!!! love your sweet blog! i am a new follower!!!

Mama Smors said...

so excited for you to be back to blogging!
* loved all the vaca pics!! we just got back from sea side today!!! :) we went to some of the same places!!

* congrats on your house plans! it is beautiful!

Brooke said...

We are loving the waterpark this summer! It is super fun :) I love the picture of Bailey with her little butt in the air! It reminds me of how Ella slept when she was tiny!