Thursday, May 12, 2011

Happy Two Months!

Well Peyton, yesterday you turned two months old. I'm not quite sure how, but I feel like you're growing up even faster than your big sister did! It seems like you're changing every day.

First smile captured on camera!
You are happiest right after you finish your bottle. We can usually get at least thirty minutes, sometimes an hour, of a really happy baby. After that you start to get sleepy, and to say you are cranky is an understatement. After several different calls to your doctor and trying all kinds of different things, we've had to start giving you a laxative. You just have so many little belly issues! You were very gassy and uncomfortable on regular formula, so we switched to the Sensitive, which ended up making you constipated. Your poop has pretty much been the talk of the household for the last month. The laxative is helping and hopefully soon we can stop giving it to you and things will return to normal.

Bless you child, you are sleeping through the night! Your regular sleeping schedule is usually 11pm-5am. This works wonderful because your daddy wakes up about that time so he feeds you then and you go back to sleep until about 8:00. Some mornings you sleep later than that though. This morning you slept 11pm-8am! You must have been one tired girl! It might also be because as of yesterday you starting taking 5 ounces in your bottle.

You "talk" a little more to us every day. You love to hear your own voice and will just smile. Bailey is your favorite person to talk to. Actually, I think she is just your favorite person in general. You watch every move she makes and when you hear her voice you start turning your head to try and find her. I love watching the two of you together. I can't help but imagine all the fun you two will have together as you get bigger.

I love you my little chunky monkey!

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Danielle said...

Oh no! I feel for you on the belly issues. It's such a helpless feeling and I wish there were something I could tell you to make it all better but in this case, time is the only answer. Both of my boys had belly and gas issues. Sawyer still likes to let us know each and every time he toots or has to poop. He either cries or grunts so loudly that you can hear him next door!

If the weather permits, we plan to be at the farmer's market on Saturday. I'll be looking for you!

Oh and Peyton is just the cutest thing. She looks like the perfect mix of both you and your husband.