Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pillow Fight!

Sunday my mom kept Peyton for a while so they could have some bonding time and Nick and I could spend some alone time with Bailey. We had hoped we'd be able to take her to the park, but it was cold and rainy. At first we agonized over what we could possibly do. Go to the mall so she could play in the kiddy area? Go to the library? Then we realized that all she wanted was for us to play with her...why were we trying to make things so difficult?

I think things started out innocently enough. We were probably playing with her little princess toys. Then Nick decided to act like he was asleep on the couch, which led to Bailey trying to wake him up...which might have included tickling and a wet willy. Which somehow led to a full on pillow fight! I had more fun in those fifteen minutes than I have had in a long time. Bailey laughed louder and harder than I think I have ever heard her. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. We ganged up on Nick and Bailey had my back the whole time. While Bailey would run around the couch collecting stray pillows, Nick and I would engage in a little more intense version of the family friendly pillow fight.

By the time it was over, Bailey was sad because she wanted to keep "pillow fighting", but I was happy. It was nice to have a little time alone with her and let her get all of our attention for a while. It was wonderful hearing her laughter and contentment at such a simple game. And it was nice to have that fun with Nick. It's so easy to get lost in the world of mommy and daddy and making sure everyone is fed, bathed, diapers changed, toys picked up and boo-boos kissed that you can kind of lose yourself. Just that little bit of carefree play reminded me of how much fun we have together. It brought back memories of when the only things we had to worry about was which movie to see that weekend and whose house to go to afterwards. It was the feeling of an earlier time, only better because it included our daughter. Who would have thought a simple pillow fight could make me feel that happy. 

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