Sunday, June 12, 2011

First Smiles

There are so many firsts to look forward to when you have a new little baby. First steps, first words, first kisses. But one of my favorites is that first smile. I even love those very first "gassy" smiles. With both my girls, once they started giving me real smiles, I was on a mission to capture that adorable face on camera. And with both of them, they made me work for it. They'd smile, I'd break out the camera, and they'd stop. Little stinkers! I think Bailey was a little more cooperative, but Peyton was not interested in letting me document this first for her! Not deterred, I kept trying until I finally got a good picture. Here are snap shots of both my princesses and their first smiles caught on camera.

Bailey Grace

Peyton Kei
I could stare at those faces all day!

1 comment:

Danielle said...

I love that they both basically have the same expression on their face. You have so much to be proud of, they area adorable!