Saturday, June 11, 2011

Two Month Check Up

**I realized tonight that I had saved the below post last month and never posted it! I figured I might as well go ahead and share it, even though it is a little old now...**

Yesterday we had Peyton's two month check up. I was glad it was finally time because I wanted to talk to her doctor about her little belly issues. As I had mentioned earlier, after calling in they had prescribed her a laxative. We weren't sure how long to use it, and after things seemed to be returning to normal, we had stopped giving it to her. But then the hard bowel movements returned. It's the most pitiful thing. They get so hard that she can't hardly pass them and she just screams. The doctor said we can continue using the laxative, and probably just do it once a day. She said it's essentially like a prescription Karo syrup, so it's nothing that will hurt her. She said some babies just need a little help.

She was 22.5 inches long and 10 lbs, 11 ounces. She was a champ with her shots! She had 3 shots and one she had to take orally. She cried at the shots (of course) but by the time we left the office she had stopped. She slept most of the rest of the day and never had any side effects from them. The doctor said she looked perfect, but of course, we already knew that!

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