Sunday, August 10, 2008

10 months old

On Saturday Bailey turned 10 months old! It is amazing how fast each month continues to go by! We had a busy day and Bailey had lots of fun. We started out by going to breakfast with my grandparents, aunt and uncle and their two kids Anna and Jacob. Jacob is in 2nd grade and Anna just started 1st grade this year. They both love Bailey so much and she loves being around them! As we were leaving they were running around chasing each other and Bailey would just watch every move they made and scream and kick her legs...she loves watching them play.
After breakfast me and Nick took her to Evan's Orchard to go swinging. The first time I had taken her she LOVED it! The next time...she hated it. This time she did ok. She would cry for a few seconds and then start to smile, it's like she couldn't make up her mind if she liked it or not.
After swinging Nick took Bailey down the Apple Cider Slider. She wasn't so sure about this either! She never cried, but she didn't really look like she enjoyed it either.
Then we played in the grass for a little bit...which is a big thing for Bailey! The last few months she had decided that she hated the grass and would cry when you tried to sit her down in it. But we played out there for about 15 minutes and she really seemed to enjoy herself. She also practiced her standing up while we were there. She can do it really well now, but I think it scares her. As soon as she realizes she's standing on her own she'll sit straight down or reach for me. Before we left we visited the goats and she really seemed to like watching them. There is one goat who always gets loose and they were trying to get him back in the pin and she thought that was funny!
When we left there Bailey fell asleep in the car and me and Nick took a Saturday afternoon drive. I love doing this! I especially love when we go down roads I've never been down before. That night we went out to eat for one of our friends birthday. Bailey ate potatoes and rice and some brownie for dessert!! I think she had a busy and fun day to celebrate being 10 months old!

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Brooke said...

How big! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Happy 10 month birthday Bailey!