Friday, August 15, 2008

Mommy news

My boss, Katy Prather, had nominated me for the Leadership Scott County Program last month and I had found out that I had been accepted last week. Yesterday afternoon was our reception, and it was great! There are 21 people in the group from all different types of companies in the county. I did know a few people, which always makes things easier :) and it really seems like we have a good group of people. This program is designed to take future leaders in the county and teach them things about Scott County that they didn't already know and it is a great networking opportunity, which is the main reason I'm so excited about it! To succeed in real estate you need to know a lot of people, and I'm hoping this will be another place to get my name out. I feel so honored that Katy thought of me for this program! She had to pay (and it wasn't cheap!) for me to be able to participate and I will miss quite a few days of work for our outings. For once, career wise, I feel like I am in the right place at the right time! Also, the past couple of weeks I have finally started losing weight again...and I've been able to get into pre-prego pants! Even though I had reached my pre-pregnancy weight a while back, a lot of my old clothes still didn't fit because everything had kind of shifted to new areas of my body after pregnancy! But I am finally getting into my old clothes again! I was so excited this morning when I tried on a pair of old dress pants and they fit! I promise the next post will be about cute baby stuff...but I had to share my good mommy news! :)


Brooke said...

Yay for the job news and weight news! It is exciting that you will be able to get your name out to more people! I hope you have a fabulous week :)

H. Griggs said...

Congrats on Leadership Scott County! I know that is a big deal. I'm not at all surprised you got it. I'm curious to know, how are you losing the weight?

Mama Smors said...

congrats on the pre-prego pants!!! i totally understand that.... it doesn't seem fair that you have to lose baby weight plus some to wear your old clothes :) but i guess that is a small cost of being a mommy!!