Monday, August 18, 2008

ER Trip

Well, this weekend started out very relaxed. This was the first weekend in a long time that we didn't have something planned that we had to do, and that felt great! Sunday night we were planning on having our friends Brooke and Clay over for dinner. Nick was going to grill steaks and make homemade scalloped potatoes. Bailey had just gone down for a nap and I was in the living room reading and Nick was in the kitchen using a mandolin to slice the potatoes...and ended up slicing the tip of his index finger off! I had to have my step dad come sit with Bailey so I could take Nick to the ER. He started feeling light headed on the way up there and almost passed out while we were walking into the hospital. Luckily we didn't have to wait long, and our friend Justin's mom was Nick's nurse, so that was nice! He did have to get a tetnis shot, which they said will make his arm really sore in a couple of days. There wasn't enough cut off to sew anything back on, so it will just have to heal! So our weekend with nothing planned ended up being very crazy, to say the least!
On a good note, my friend Brooke asked me to be her matron of honor!! She just got engaged last week on her 2 year anniversary. Me and Brooke have actually known each other since kindergarten...we were in gymnastics together...neither of us remember each other from that, but our moms said that we would always sit together because we were the shy kids of the group :) I was matron of honor for Brittany who got married on July 26th, and now get to help out with Brooke's wedding...I'm so excited!! Now if I can only get them to start having babies :)

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Mama Smors said...

the kiddie cutters place is where todd's road meets man o war (by the new penn station). it was worth the trip bc they were able to distract her so much she didn't notice a stranger was touching her hair. bailey has so much hair!!! it is precious :)