Monday, August 11, 2008

Momma's Girl

This weekend Bailey was such a momma's girl...and I LOVED it!!! For so long she was an absolute daddy's girl and it always broke my heart, so this has been a nice change of pace for me. Yesterday I was trying to clean the house and I had picked her up for a minute to get a quick kiss and then I handed her to Nick and she started crying and reaching for me :( This broke my heart! I had to hold her again before I finally finished the cleaning. Also, for the past week it has sounded like she's been trying to say mama...but it had sounded like a mix between that and baba...but this morning I know I heard her say it! Every morning when I make our bed she follows me from one side of the bed to the other (because she really doesn't like it when I get out of her sight!) and I always tell her to follow momma; and this morning while she was coming over to the side I was on I could hear her saying "mama, mama". It was the sweetest thing ever! I had to stop what I was doing and pick her up right then!!


Mama Smors said...

YAY!!! She said mama :) That had to make you feel great. Ivy is not totally off the bottle. She still gets her night time one. We aren't pushing that yet. Sooo hopefully by 18 or so months she will wean herself. WHO KNOWS??

H. Griggs said...

Yay for mama! I love your blog!