Friday, November 12, 2010

Finally...A Giveaway!!

**I know I said this was going to be like TWO days ago, but, really...I think you all are used to my tardiness by now!**

Speaking of tardiness, I am NOT a morning person. I'm always pushing the limit on when I need to leave my house to get to work on time. And now I don't even have to get Bailey ready anymore since she can get herself dressed, so I can't even use her as an excuse! Needless to say, there's no time for breakfast at the house before we leave during the week. Which isn't a huge deal, she eats as soon as she gets to my mom's house and I pack some oatmeal, banana, muffin or whatever I have to take and eat at work.

We're not big cereal people at the Maxwell house, and when I do buy it I end up buying sugary stuff that I eat as a snack, instead of for breakfast. And then of course it's off limits to Bailey, you know, being that I'm the sugar Nazi and all.

I was contacted by My Blog Spark a while ago to review the cereal Kix, and since I'm all about free stuff, I said sure! The email said I would get to try the Original Kix and Honey Kix...what? I didn't even know there was Honey flavored Kix! When my package came in the mail (a short 2 or 3 days later!) I was so happy with what all I found.

The two boxes of cereal, as I mentioned, a 24-piece counting-themed floor puzzle, learn to count flashcards, a snack bowl and a sippy cup. Not too shabby!

Bailey loved the cup right away. And while she hasn't used a sippy cup in a long time, we allow her to use this on occasion, since it's really just a cup with a built-in straw.

We opened the floor puzzle almost immediately and that kept her entertained for quite a while. She did really well with matching some of the pieces up. I like how large they are!

The cards are neat because on one side you have just a number with the corresponding number of items, and on the other side you can learn addition and subtraction.

To the cereal...Bailey loved it! She actually had a little in the snack bowl on the way to my mom's this morning. She calls it honey bees, because of the picture of the honeycomb on the Honey Kix.

While I still don't think I'm a cereal person, and I prefer to give Bailey hot breakfasts when we actually eat at home, I feel completely comfortable letting her eat this. Until now the only cereal she had ever had was Cheerios, but I think we've found a new go to for mornings when we need to eat fast.

Now, the best of you all get to win this exact same package!! Just leave a comment about your family's favorite cereal. Or, if you're not cereal people either, what's your favorite breakfast to share with your family?

Giveaway will end Saturday, November 13th at 8:00 pm Eastern Time. Winner will be chosen randomly and will be announced sometime on Sunday, November 14th.

**I was provided this gift pack from Kix through My Blog Spark for offering to do a review of their product.**


Danielle said...

How fun! Colin would love that puzzle and flashcards. And since the child will eat anything, I have no doubt he'll enjoy the cereal as well. Like you though, I try to limit his processed (and sugary) food intake so this will be given to him sparingly. His favorite breakfast is fresh fruit and an English muffin. Thanks!

Brooke said...

Oh goodness! We are huge cereal eaters.. Kix being one of our favorites. But, if I had to choose, I'd go with Cinnamon Toast Crunch for sure :)

katychick said...

we eat whatever ceral we have a coupon for or its on sale.
but we also like pop tarts.
tcogbill at live dot com

Jennifer said...

I don't have a family, but I do have a nephew that would love all these goodies :) I love cheerios!