Friday, December 3, 2010

Rock Star

As I mentioned in my last post, Bailey received a few early Christmas presents while we were traveling over Thanksgiving. The hit of the gifts was a microphone and guitar she received from Nick's step mom's mom, Meme. Now, I'd like to state that I don't think my daughter has ever held a microphone before, and definitely not a guitar, but you'd never know that by looking at these pictures!

           Singing with Meme.

Solo performance. Doesn't she look like a pro?

And with the guitar!

While rockin' in her jammies was cute, her aunt Kim and twin cousins Bailey and Hannah decided she needed something to go along with her new music persona.

And when in Tennessee, what's better than pink cowgirl boots?! Here she is performing "I'm a Little Teapot"...on the coffee table.

Then her uncle Bryce decided the girls should all perform together, and he'd be the manager. They'd go out in the garage and then come in and put on little skits and sing songs for us. It was by far, one of the cutest things ever!!

Look at her get into it!!

Relaxing with her "Poppa Bear" after the show.

After they recuperated, the kids went to help make a "surprise" birthday cake for me and Sandy. My birthday was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and Sandy's was the Sunday after.

Enjoying a little cake batter!!

I think this was by far my favorite night while we were down there. Watching all the girls play and entertain us all together was great! And chocolate cake? Well, that always makes things better!

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