Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving - Part 1

Thanksgiving is my favorite "food" holiday. It's the first holiday of the year where you get to load your plate full of starchy goodness and it's completely acceptable. It's also the first holiday of the year where my whole family gets together to enjoy each other's company. Like always, my family got together the weekend before Thanksgiving because Nick and I go out of town on the actual day to visit his dad in Tennessee.

I was a little nervous how it would go this year because there was going to be 2 extra kids, meaning there would be 10 adults and 6 kids in my not so big house! Luckily it was unseasonably warm that day so the kiddos were able to run around outside while we finished getting everything.

Bailey was pouting because she wanted to come inside and the others didn't.

My uncle Mike and my Boppy supervising the kids.

Finishing the dumplings.

The table all set with my China!

I was really excited, however, at the prospect of having a kids table this year! I was an only grandchild for 16 years and we never got together with any extended family, so there was never a need for a kids table when I was growing up. We had to have the table in the living room, which meant it would be on carpet...and there were no spills!

The only little oopsie occurred when my cousin accidentally broke one of Bailey's kitchen toys and then started crying because she was embarrassed and felt bad for breaking her toy. Bailey was apparently comforting her and saying "It's okay, just take deep breaths." Guess she's heard us say that a time or two during her cry fits!

I forgot to take a picture of any of the food, but we had our usual: turkey, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, broccoli and cheese casserole, dumplings, homemade yeast rolls, stuffing, green beans and more. I also made some little mini pumpkin pies with fresh pumpkins. The highlight of the meal for me was when my boppy told me that his aunt used to make the best pumpkin pie when he was young and that mine tasted just like hers.

After dinner the kids gathered in Bailey's room to play and color the turkeys I had printed out for them. Then they had some of the adults vote to see whose turkey was the best...amazingly, it was a tie.

I am thankful for each and every one of the crazy people that make up my family!

My momma and aunt Heather.

My stepsister Traci trying to get a little rest.

Everyone at the table!

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Danielle said...

Your pictures make me want to host Thanksgiving again. I've only gotten to do it once and it was crazy but I loved it. We always go to Wes' and I think I just want a change.

By the way, how cute are you with your little bump?! Still feeling ok?