Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Birthday Party!

Nick has told me I'm not allowed to plan two big events back to back again. The first weekend in October was one of my best friend's baby shower which we had at my house, and last weekend was Bailey's 4th birthday party, also at our house. I don't think I was very fun to be around. I let myself get overwhelmed by all the little details that go into any party/event. And I felt like such a bad momma. I realized a week out from Bailey's party that I never sent out invites! Granted, it's pretty much all family and our friends that come, but still, I felt awful. I also really hadn't figured out exactly what we would be doing for her big day. I had come up with the idea about a month ago that I wanted to do a "drive-in movie" party. We would get a projection screen and watch a movie outside. I had all kinds of cute ideas for popcorn bags, invites, party treats and games. But I knew we would have to start the party late in order to be able to watch the movie outside, and I didn't really want my 4 year's old party to start at 7:30.

Then last week I decided I wanted a bouncy house for the party. Yeah, a week before I make this decision. After convincing Nick that we needed the bouncy house, I start making calls trying to find one that's available. The first 3 places I called were booked. I finally found a company that was over an hour away from us that had one available. At the end it was $10 more expensive than the closer locations, so I booked it. After I booked the bouncy house, I decided we'd do kind of a carnival theme for the party. Not sure how an outdoor movie works in connection to a carnival theme, but oh well! I'll apologize in advance for the number of photos in this post, but I just loved them all so much! Thanks to my step dad for taking all the photos while I played :)

The bouncy house

Oh yes, the adults got in on the action too!

Even pregnant ladies...don't worry, we all fussed at her later!

And we had face painting, thanks to aunt Brittany!

Tough boys

Peyton kicked back and taking it all in

And the cake that I planned and planned and planned. Yes, I realize her name looks like a serial killer wrote it.

Really bad iPhone photo, but each tier of cake had 4 layers. Devils food chocolate cake and french vanilla sour cream.

Those are some worn out kids! And yes, I participated in the face painting also...I was a kitty cat

I should have known that given the option of sitting still and watching a movie or playing in the bouncy house, the kids would choose bouncy house. I think they sat there with me for all of 5 minutes. Oh well. The movie ended up working so well that all the adults decided we need to have our own little party with an outdoor movie!

The next morning we gave Bailey the last present from us...
Waiting for the surprise
A new princess bike!
What a big girl!
And that wraps up Bailey's birthday party! I think she had a great time, and we appreciate everyone that came out and celebrated with us and spoiled our princess!!


Danielle said...

What a fun party! It looks like she had a ball. Way to go on that cake! Amazing!!

Mama Smors said...

oh how i love all your 4 year old posts!! she is so funny :)