Friday, October 14, 2011

Rub a Dub Dub

Peyton's in the tub

Peyton's eating the tub

Peyton's trying to escape from the tub

Pretty much sums up every bath now!

And yes, Peyton's baby bathtub is on the floor of my bathroom. I had to give both girls a bath when Nick was gone one night, and found this was the easiest way to do it since Peyton wasn't sitting up that great at the time. I give Bailey a bath in our garden tub while Peyton crawls around the floor. Then I give her a bath in her tub while Bailey splashes and plays. Works out great. So well that we've continued to do this even when Nick is home. He takes one kiddo and I take the other, but we still do it in the same room. But someone thinks she's too big for her tub now and tries to crawl out. I'm a little nervous about putting her in the actual tub though. She sits up great, but she gets a little lazy sometimes. Guess we'll stick with the little one for a little while longer and then try our hand at the big girl tub a little later.


Danielle said...

Look at the eyes! Beautiful!

Peggy said...

Aww, Peyton is too cute!

Mama Smors said...

We got Tula a bath seat off of amazon... best. thing. ever!! Keeps our little climber seated now that she is a wild woman and helped her stay sitting up when we first started bathing the girls together. And as far as Disney- Tula did great- she is super flexible! An added perk- babies are FREE until they are two!