Monday, February 23, 2009

Old Friends, Poop and...Fire?!

Yes, I know, odd title, but it pretty much sums up the weekend we had at the Maxwell house.
Friday night I went to Upbeat Cafe to hear Eric Vinson play. He married a high school friend of mine, Laura Glass, and they are both musicians. They tour around, mostly playing at churches and at church retreats, but every now and then they will play at a coffee house. They are both so amazing! I had them sing at my wedding and everyone loved them. You really must check out their website... My favorite song you can hear on the site is Psalm 86. And Eric has 2 Cd's himself, and I love Changing Colors, my favorite song on there is "Hold Onto Love". If your church is interested in having an amazing group come play one Sunday or for a retreat, I would highly recommend them!!! You can contact them from the link to the website I posted.
Aside from the great music, it was so nice to see Laura again and catch up with old friends.

The big news around my house has been that Bailey is telling us when she has poop in her diaper! I went to get her up from a nap yesterday afternoon and she was standing up saying "Poop" and pointing to her diaper, and sure enough, there was poop! And this morning she came up to me while I was getting ready and she was doing the same thing, so I asked her, "Do you have poop in your pants?" and she shook her head no, and THEN she started pooping, so she was trying to tell me that she had to poop. I'm hoping this is a sure sign that it is time to introduce the potty seat!!

This picture doesn't really match the poop story...but it's just too cute. Bailey kept trying to ride her little Alphabet Pal caterpillar last night :)

Ok, so I had posted our weekly menu, and on Saturday we were supposed to have beer can chicken. Well, it started out well...the spice rub smelled amazing and I just knew we were going to have a fabulous dinner. That was, until the black smoke started pouring out from the grill and flames were shooting up everywhere!! Apparently some of the beer had spewed out from the can landing in the grill...and alcohol and fire don't make for a good combination. So we had to use the fire extinguisher to put out the flames. It was kind of scary. I kept seeing fire trucks in my head, and a news reporter asking how the fire had started...not the way I want to make it on TV! But, Nick got the flames put out and we had two sad looking chickens doused in fire extinguisher fluid just sitting there. So...we ordered pizza that night :) However, I ended up making the cheddar biscuits last night that should have accompanied the chicken, and they were amazing!!! We have the cookbook that has recipes (at least very similar) from different restaurants, and these are from Red Lobster...and I swear they tasted just like them!!!


Terri T said...

those biscuits look amazing. Could you post the recipe?

Colin's Mom said...

My son has started pointing to his diaper when he's about to poop too. I thought the same thing this morning, maybe that means it's time for the potty! No more smelly diapers? How will we survive?!

Ashley said...

I'm impressed with all your cooking! The fire had to be scary!

Mama Smors said...

yay!! knowing the poop is there or coming is the first step! :) love the picture of bailey riding on the caterpillar thing!

Brooke said...

So cute... It's exciting when they can tell you they need to poop! Ella will tell me and then I'll ask her if she wants to potty and she says no :) The girl knows what she wants! I'm impressed with the cooking as well!