Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fun Filled Weekend

This last weekend was great! Saturday afternoon Nick and Bailey got to spend a little alone time together while I went house hunting with some of my clients. Then Saturday night we had a play date with one of the teachers Nick works with. Her and her husband and their little girl, Emily, came over to play and to have dinner with us. Emily just turned 19 months, so she's not too much older than Bailey. The girls were both pretty shy at first, but warmed up pretty quickly.
They both enjoyed watching the dog run around outside...and I guess Bailey was trying to find a way for them to escape :)
They played with these soccer balls a lot! It's so funny to watch them pack them around!!
They were both dancing to the music of the chair :)
Sunday I painted mine and Bailey's toes...she LOVED it!!
Sunday night Brooke and Clay came over for dinner and as soon as Bailey saw them she squatted down and kept saying "Toes" until Brooke came over and looked at her pretty toes :)

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