Thursday, August 6, 2009

Back to School

Somehow the summer is already over and Nick is back to school today for opening day for the teachers. I look forward to summer almost as much as if I actually had a summer break myself.

Nick, again this year, was great! He made dinner most nights, helped around the house more than usual and really got to spend some time with Bailey. This past school year was hard with him coaching two soccer teams and taking his first Master's class, there were several days during the week when Nick wouldn't get to see Bailey at all. As you can imagine this wasn't easy for her either. This made her even more of a momma's girl. This summer has been great for them! She no longer cries when I leave the house in the morning, instead just says "Bye mommy" and continues coloring with her daddy (or whatever toy they may be playing with that morning). They took several trips to the park, had a couple of play dates with another teacher and her daughter and even went swimming at a friend's house. Nick even got a little better at picking out outfits and doing Bailey's hair! He really worked with her on her counting and she can now pretty much count to 10 by herself. When they would swing at the park she would repeat the alphabet after him (I got to witness this when we went this past Sunday). I think they both thoroughly enjoyed this summer break.

This year will be hard again. He's taking 3 classes this fall and then coaching in the spring and taking at least 1 class then. But it will all be worth it in a couple of years when he's finished and has his rank I!

For now it's back to the real world. Having to get up earlier so I can get both Bailey and myself ready and take her to my mom's before work and then pick her up most nights and make dinner and clean up dinner and do the bathing and laundry and cleaning...I'm already tired just thinking about it. Not to mention my real estate career has been doing really well and I'm gone more now showing houses...which just adds a whole other bump in the road (a good bump, but bump nonetheless!).

Hope all the teachers enjoyed their breaks and hope you all have a great school year!

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Mama Smors said...

Summer is a nice and relaxing time for teachers and I am glad you get to feel that way too! going back is not so fun but before long we will all get into a routine.
ps~ Your husband is taking 3 classes??? GEEZ LOUISE... I do feel very sorry for him!
pss~ I was exhausted reading your busy schedule bc of the ps listed above!!!