Friday, August 21, 2009

Yummy, Yummy, in my Tummy!

This past week our new recipe was Chicken Enchiladas. I had had enchiladas once, and they were the ones that you made out of the boxed kit. I wasn't too impressed and had never had them again. I'm so glad I gave this recipe a try because it was delicious!!! Not only was it scrumptious, but it was very easy to make...even better! But then again, what doesn't taste good with melted cheese on top??

On another note, I had picked up one of these Macaroni Grill boxed meals a couple weeks ago at the grocery to try one night. Now, I don't usually get real excited about anything that comes out of a box (not that we don't eat it, it just doesn't excite me!). But this was really good! And not just "came out of a box" good, but actually tasted good and made me want to go back for more good. I would really recommend this for a night when you just don't feel like doing a lot in the kitchen but want to eat at home. Nick made this last night since I was out all over creation showing houses (No, really, I was. At one point I was in Stringtown??) It's also a very easy clean up, I think he had one pot, one pan and a bowl. Doesn't get much easier than that! We tried the Creamy Basil and I think they also offer a couple of other options as well.

Happy eating!

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Colin's Mom said...

I love enchiladas and those look so yummy. You're right though, what wouldn't be good with a ton of cheese melted on top?!