Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tijuana Rice

A while back I was posting our weekly menus for all to see. I stopped simply because we weren't really trying anything new and interesting so I didn't want to bore everyone. We're trying to get back on board with trying at least one new thing a week. Last night I made chicken empanadas and Tijuana rice. You really can't judge this by the photo...I used my cell phone because my camera was in the car!
The empanadas were ok. I'm in no big hurry to have them again, but I didn't hate them either.
The rice on the other hand was incredible!! It tasted just like the rice you would get at any good hole-in-the wall Mexican restaurant you might wander in to. The recipe makes enough to serve 6-8, so I cut everything in half and still had plenty of rice. I had enough that I have a complete serving for lunch today and Nick and I both had seconds last night! Bailey really liked it as well. There is a little bit of heat since there is jalapeno in it, but I just made sure she didn't get any of the little pepper bits in hers. This has definitely made it on her must have side for our Mexican dishes!

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