Monday, August 31, 2009


We see a lot of time out in our household, which I think is probably pretty common for most households with a soon to be 2 year old. It started out that Bailey didn't mind time out at all. She would happily go stand in the corner and usually leave time out in a much better mood. Then we went through the phase where she hated time out. She would throw a fit and usually end up laying down in the floor kicking her feet while she cried in the corner. Now we seemed to have moved on to yet another phase. The escape phase. She cries when you tell her to go to time out, but she dutifully goes and stands so close to the wall that her nose is actually in the corner. Then she waits until she knows (sometimes thinks) you're not paying attention and she slinks away. Here's a video I managed to get the other night of her escaping. She doesn't even look up when Nick gets on to her!

This little girl cracks me up! I guess she thinks she's hidden since she doesn't look up. The first time she did this Nick and I were in the kitchen and the only reason we realized she was crawling away was because she first bumped into the wall because she wasn't looking where she was going! It was quite a pitiful sight...she had crumbs and dog hair stuck to her face because of all the tears and the fact that she literally drug her face over the living room and part of the kitchen floor! Sometimes it's hard to stay upset!

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Colin's Mom said...

That is hysterical!! I love how she thinks since she can't see you, that you can't see her either. Ah, the things they do!