Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bobby Flay

On October 3rd, Nick and I went to go see Bobby Flay do a live cooking demonstration at the Lexington Convention Center. Flay was in town with the Kentucky Pround Incredible Food Show. We were lucky enough to score 5th row tickets to the event. Flay is Nick's favorite chef to watch on Food Network...I think it's all the grilling. I enjoy him as well, and we were both really excited. Because of the tickets I purchased we each also got a signed cookbook of his. Of course, he was also doing a live book signing between shows, but the only way to get in the line was to purchase a book at the event. Well, of course we did! I mean, we were there, he was there, we had to! Luckily they had a few different ones available so we were able to get a different one from the one we got with our tickets.

Overall it was a really good show. I will say this, I think he's better on TV. He just seemed to struggle with keeping everything running smoothly. What he made smelled and looked incredible. I think next week we will be attempting a lobster dish he made, hopefully it turns out good!

Here's some photos from the event.


Flay with Richie Farmer

Apples for his dessert he made

By far the best picture I got!

Us after the show.

And someone was getting married in Triangle Park, it looked pretty, I just had to sneak a photo!


Colin's Mom said...

I've been meaning to ask you how this went. Pretty exciting to get to see a tv personality in the flesh! A lobster dish - sounds very sophisticated. Looking forward to seeing/hearing about that.

Mama Smors said...

WOW!!! I have missed reading your blog. I did a lot of catching up. Bailey looks like she had a great birthday and I thought your cake was awesome! I am loving the chef hat and apron :) Glad the big girl bed is going well. It is fun to see them grow.... even when we get glimpses of those terrible twos!