Monday, October 19, 2009

Two Year Check Up

Last Monday we took Bailey in for her two year check up. She was great and is now 35" tall and about 27 pounds...although it's starting to feel like she weighs much more than that, carrying her really wears me out! It's funny, through every stage we've gone through so far, I've always thought this is my favorite...and that's still true today. This is such a fun age! Everything is so new and exciting for her, and she seems to learn something new every day. Sure, there are moments with a two year old that aren't so fun, but they pale in comparison to the great moments. Here are a few things Bailey is doing now and some of my favorite things about this age.

* She can count to 10 and can recognize several letters on her own. She loves to say the alphabet and afterwards always asks to spell Bailey Grace, mommy and daddy.

*I love that she is singing along to songs now, it's so cute!

*Some of the things she says absolutely cracks me up, for example, a new favorite of hers is "prob'y not", which doesn't sound that funny, but the way she uses day I acted like I was getting ready to tickle her and she held her hand up and said "prob'y not mommy", what a silly girl.

*She doesn't seem to lack any self confidence. If we're having people over we'll say something like "you're going to get to see Grammy and Pops today" and she'll say "no, they see me"...which, when it comes down to it, is the truth...she just shouldn't know that yet!

*She's started this new thing where she taps her finger on her chin and says "maybe"...very cute! I then got her to say "I suppose", which comes out "I 'pose"...I just love it!!

*Just about any piece of paper she sees she calls a coupon, I've got her started early! :)

*She absolutely loves play cooking! She sits and makes us meals and adds all sorts of concoctions. It's amazing the kind of imagination she has!

I could go on and on, but won't. I will however, share the one thing I'm not loving right now. While Bailey took to potty training very quickly and easily, well before her 2nd birthday, for the past month she has decided that she doesn't want to poop in the potty anymore. At first we were very upset about this and tried punishing her for this behavior. After talking to the doctor she said not to, because it is normal for a child to do this, and that if you punish them they will start to hold it and end up getting constipated, which I don't want! It is frustrating though, because she knows where she should go, I really think it's because she doesn't like taking the time. She would rather be playing than sitting on the potty. We don't have any problems with her going pee, but that doesn't take as much time, so she's ok with it. I guess we'll just keep working on it and hopefully she'll get back on track sooner than later!

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Ashley said...

what a sweet smart girl!