Thursday, January 28, 2010

An Eye for Style

Bailey has a style all her own. I never know what she is going to have on when I get home. On one of our recent snow days, I came home from lunch and found her in this little number.

Her current favorite accessories are her wings and tutu (tutu not pictured here) that Papa Bear (Nick's dad) got her for Christmas. She has to have these on almost daily. Even when she's still in her panda bear jammies.

She also decided she needed to wear her new boots. And these aren't just any boots, she calls them her Santa shoes. She loves them so much she asked me to take a picture of them.

And the Blue's Clues hat from her birthday party...well, it just pulls the whole ensemble together, don't you think?

Yes, my little girl has an eye for fashion, and she has a style all her own.

1 comment:

Colin's Mom said...

Too cute! I love her budding sense of style!