Monday, January 4, 2010

Not Me! Monday

Over the past several days off work I was not completely and utterly accident prone. I did not fall down my driveway New Year's Eve after getting out of my friend's car. In case you're wondering, I really hadn't had anything to drink...honest! However, my neighbor did not drive by about the time I was sprawled out at the bottom of my driveway and, I'm sure, thought I was quite intoxicated. I only wish I had a good excuse! If I had done such a thing, my foot would probably look something like this...

And of course, I was not wearing my beautiful red shoes

when I fell and the right one is now not scratched up. IF this had happened, I would not have been more upset about hurting the shoes than I would have my foot...NEVER!

While making my mom a birthday dinner, I did not burn my arm...AGAIN...on the top of the oven. IF I had done such a thing, my arm would probably look like this today.

And if this burn were going on day four, the scab would not decide to start peeling while filling out my paperwork at Jazzercise tonight. Of course, if it did, I would make sure to notice BEFORE I went in so as not to gross everyone out with a dangling burn scab...eww!

While at Jazzercise tonight I did not think I was dying at least 3 different times during the workout.

I was not so lazy busy over the break that I let my dirty clothes pile up in my closet until they looked as if they had erupted from a dirty clothes volcano all over the floor!

We did not have to call *Poison Control for the very first time on Friday evening. We did not have to make this call because when we went to get Bailey up from her nap we found her laying in her bed eating....wait for it....diaper rash cream!!! Seriously, my daughter would never consider doing a thing like that!

*She was ok, they said if she had eaten enough to be harmful she would have been throwing up already.

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