Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I am the Master...

Tonight while at Jazzercise, I couldn't help but to channel Sheldon from the show The Big Bang Theory.

If you missed last night's episode (shame on you!), I'll give you a little recap. Sheldon's apartment was broken into and he was so freaked out afterward that he was afraid to be in the apartment by himself. One night he decided to push the dresser up against his bedroom door to keep any would be thief out of his room. After doing this he lays back down in bed and says "I am the master of my own bladder", obviously trying to convince himself that he did not have to go to the bathroom, as it would mean having to get up and move the dresser back out of the way.

Tonight, while working out, I was having the same conversation with myself. Here's a little bit of the dialogue that was going on in my head.

Keep going, keep going. Step ball change. Knee lifts. Jog in place...no, I do not have to pee. Heel kicks, keep it up. No, I do not have to pee. I am the master of my own bladder! Jog in place. I do not have to pee, I do not have to pee...I DO have to pee. Jog to the bathroom!!

Just another one of the perks of being a mom. Any jumping/running/jogging/laughing/coughing/nearly anything else you can think of, can make you run for the nearest bathroom praying that won't pee in your pants. Good news tonight, I did not pee in my pants; but each class brings its own risks.

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Anonymous said...

that is just a disturbing post...lol